Exhibition Diary: The Brick Lane Gallery February 4-16th

The Brick Lane Gallery

I had the privilege of exhibiting at London’s Brick Lane Gallery just a month ago in their seasonal ‘Portrait Exhibition’ alongside nine other artist. I can only summarize the experience as humbling. I was truly overwhelmed at the response I received from people who came to support me to strangers who I have never met before.
A glass of wine in hand and a room jam packed full of friendly faces meant just one thing; a fun filled night with people who appreciate creativity. I received question after question and comment after comment of what each piece conveyed to individuals. This is the only time public interaction seems least daunting to me. I prefer to listen in this environment rather than contribute because hearing people’s interpretation is more interesting that hearing my own. It fuels fresh understanding and ideas.


Conversations stemmed from “Why the long necks?” to “Which culture do you identify most with?” and “Is that your second glass of wine?” 🙂




Chatting with other artists who were happily willing to share their tips and knowledge with me made the night all the more memorable.


All in all I am more than grateful for the experience and the feedback from the exhibition. It makes the hard work all worthwhile.
Sometimes I get asked what keeps me going and its pretty simple; knowing that a talent unused is a talent unappreciated. I am forever thankful to God for blessing me with a gift I can use to inspire others.


If you are interested in any of these my featured original pieces you can get in touch by filling out a quick contact form on the ‘CONTACT’ page and I would be happy to answer any of your inquiries.




Credits: Images are curtesy of Susan Olaitan, Blogger at www.su-muse.blogspot.com and The Brick Lane Gallery